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During that period, Israeli leaders began to feel more confident about the strength of the new state—and more worried about how quickly the world seemed to be forgetting about the Holocaust. After the Nuremberg and other trials, the advent of the Cold War had meant that the victorious powers largely lost interest in bringing more war criminals to justice. Besides, those early trials rarely gave a chance for survivors to testify. Ben-Gurion believed that if Eichmann could be seized and tried, the world would be forced to learn the lessons of the Holocaust.

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Ben-Gurion was equally worried about the attitudes of young Israelis. Gabriel Bach, the only surviving member of the prosecution team in the Eichmann case, explained that teachers had been complaining that their students did not want to hear about the Holocaust. They were accepted as part of the German community there. When Sylvia began dating a young man named Nicolas Eichmann, her father soon figured out that he was likely to be the son of the wanted war criminal.

Amazingly, the elder Eichmann had changed his name to Ricardo Klement, but he had not insisted that his sons follow suit. More than a decade after the war, most Nazis who had not been executed or tried in Nuremberg or elsewhere felt increasingly confident that they were home free. The agent was also thrown off by the slovenly appearance of the European woman whom he spotted in the yard.

The Nazi Hunters

In the film, the Mossad arranges for Sylvia Hermann to revisit the Eichmann house to try to get a positive identification. That much was true. Eventually the evidence grows that Hermann and his daughter have spotted the right man. But, for dramatic effect, the film version has Nicolas Eichmann dragging Sylvia to a Fascist meeting in Buenos Aires that has all the earmarks of a Nazi rally with Eichmann senior as a star guest; she then runs out on him, and later acknowledges that she is Jewish. None of that happened.

Eichmann may have been casual about maintaining appearances, but he still kept a low profile. And Sylvia was not about to tell his son about her family background.

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In fact, keeping that a secret was more of a drama than the fictional one. The content of this book is mature; however, the subject matter should not deter readers since acknowledgement of the evil committed during the Holocaust is vital to not only honoring those who passed but also to prevent a similar atrocity from occurring.

Bascomb utilizes the story of Eichmann to convey themes regarding the importance of learning from history. The form and easy prose of the book makes it accessible to teenagers, and due to the importance of the subject matter at hand, I strongly recommend this book. Review by Lauren A. Anonymous More than 1 year ago The book The Nazi Hunters by Neal Bascomb is a book that takes place after world war 2 has ended and they start doing research on people that were someone included in the war, one of the main people they investigated was Adolf Eichmann.

The book does a really good job of trying to give out separate parts of information in the book to keep you on your toes and not just give you parts of information in big bunches. I would recommend this book to someone who is interested in the history of world war 2. I would give this book a 5 out of 5 because I think that the book was put together really well and that it was really good at showing facts about what kind of stuff happened after the war. Overall I thought that it was a really good book, and I have also started to become interested in other books based on this time period.

Anonymous More than 1 year ago It starts at police patrol. Anonymous More than 1 year ago Um am i supposed to omment here? If so its a great story.

Most Wanted: Nazi hunters name top five war criminals who are still alive

This book takes place in Argentina. It is all about a group of people, including a teenage girl and her blind father, trying to capture and bring justice to a man named Adolf Eichmann.

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They create a strategy to capture him and bring him back to Israel for a trial. As with any good story,they run into lots of trouble along the way. The Argentine government doesn't want these people trying to capture a citizen, Eichmann is a master at evading and defending capture, and they have limited time and resources. I personally love this book for it's clever design and detail to the actual event.

It gives you details from the event with pictures, news clippings, and tools used to give more context to the book. This book keeps you thinking and on the edge of your seat the entire time. When reading this book, you can tell that Bascomb did his research when writing this book and that he was really into the topic and cared about this event. Anonymous More than 1 year ago Read whar i wrote above. Anonymous More than 1 year ago Dont name your kid Jack in London 2 serial killers Dont name your kid Adolf in Germany, or anywhere else really Dont name your kid fanny if your last name is butts Dont name your kid Bob unless you want a lame named kid Dont name your kid Great Oogly Moogly unless you want to sound idiotic everytime you talk to them.

Anonymous More than 1 year ago. Anonymous More than 1 year ago I just got the sample and i am alredy hooked. If u like books like this u shoould bye it and read it.

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago This book sounds great! I cant wait to read it! Related Searches. Two chihuahuas mean double the fun in this special edition of Puppy Place. Lizzie and Charles Lizzie and Charles Peterson definitely enjoy competing with each other. Especially when Lizzie acts like she knows everything about dogs and Charles just doesn't want to listen. View Product. Thomas Walther, a lawyer who was working with the Central Office at the time, came up with a strategy to use the same logic to challenge the precedent set in In , year-old Demjanjuk was convicted of 28, counts of accessory to murder — the number of people slaughtered at Sobibor during the four months he served there in — but the case was still under appeal when Demjanjuk died in a Bavarian nursing home a year later, still a free man.

In Germany, a conviction does not legally hold if an appeal is pending. Of these, only five cases made it to court. The others died, or were deemed unfit to stand trial. Ernst Tremmel, a former Auschwitz guard, died in , days before he was due to make his first court appearance for 1, counts of accessory to murder.

One trial, that of the year-old former Auschwitz medic Hubert Zafke , is still ongoing, but the proceedings have been so poorly handled that the head judge has become the first jurist in history to be dismissed from an Auschwitz trial because of accusations of bias. Rommel arrived somewhat reluctantly at the Central Office in , in the midst of these cases. But the allure of approaching the past not as history, but as crime, swayed Rommel to take the Central Office helm that, and the fact that the age of the average defendant meant the job would hardly last for ever.

In , Rommel sent 30 cases to prosecutors. That same year, Oskar Groening became the first person on the Auschwitz list to be successfully convicted using the precedent set by the Motassadeq case. But after the commission was dissolved, none of the allied powers provided the Central Office with a copy of the 36, indictments the commission processed. It received a digital copy sometime in the s. Legally speaking, I am innocent. At the time, the Central Office passed along the article to local prosecutors, but neither law enforcement nor the courts were ready to take on what appeared to be an improbable, and perhaps unpopular, battle.

After Motassadeq, however, sentencing Groening seemed not just possible, but prudent. The final judgment against Groening bought the Central Office a bit more time. Instead, the threshold for guilt had been substantially lowered, and 70 years after the crimes in question, it was once again possible to hold cogs accountable.

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Groening was 20 when he joined the SS; he is now 96, and in August, prosecutors in Hanover, his home region, deemed him fit to serve his four-year-prison sentence. They went with little hope of finding living suspects — no indictments have come out of more than 20 expeditions to archives in Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Paraguay. A few years ago, they identified a former concentration camp doctor who fled to Peru, but it turned out he was already dead. Law is open to constant reinterpretation and revision; someone could have challenged the high bar for Nazi prosecutions long before the Motassadeq verdict, but, astonishingly, no one thought of it, or dared to try.

Although the promise of prosecution has been virtually extinguished, naming every as-yet-unknown name is not futile. Rommel is all too aware of the belatedness of his efforts, and the fact that time is running out. But he is also driven by a sense of finality — the knowledge that if the Central Office does not complete its inventory of Nazi perpetrators, no one will. Collecting the evidence is physically strenuous, mentally exhausting work, but it is perhaps the only thing, short of a trial, that can approximate justice.

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Two days after our dinner in Buenos Aires, I found Otte and Zeller in an old dormitory on the top floor of the Hotel de Inmigrantes, a sprawling, spare complex that opened in to accommodate thousands of immigrants arriving from the Old World, and now also serves as a museum. The dormitory had been converted into an archive and working immigration office, its walls lined with 20th-century ship ledgers from around the world. Displayed on one side of the room were European ship manifests from between and — a record of every individual who arrived at the port seeking asylum, opportunity and, all too often, a place to hide.