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I actually went to school for acting. I went to school in New York for that. And then, after I lived there for four years, I came back to New Jersey and I ended up working at a school for students with multiple disabilities as an aide. I think teaching is a really cool thing to do and I really enjoy it. I went back to school, got my theatre ed certifications, and started teaching high school.

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MIKE: Oh, yeah. I look back on it so passionately. I just think it was so much fun. Just to see them grow and develop and find a new passion or just find a place where they can grow more confidence.

MIKE: I had great professors and everything. I guess the biggest — how do I say it? My first year specifically because, when I came into my position,.

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  6. Log In Sign Up. The Drama Teacher Podcast Follow. Show More. All Episodes. Putting together a touring high school show. My first year specifically because, when I came into my position, Share. Mark as Played. Popular Podcasts. I had a car at this point and would do absolutely anything and everything to protect it. In short, her tires would not sit in water. We packed our things and put the new furniture up on cinder blocks. Sandbags were stacked at the garage and front door, then plastic wrapped as a secondary defender.

    She declared I was too worried about the situation at hand and therefore unfit to drive. We let ourselves portray it as a 5 bedroom fortress, his new home after five feet swallowed his forest house that laid tucked away on the banks of the Cypress Creek. We had a lot of laughs there, the whole family cuddled up in the game room on air mattresses.

    Another neighbor sent us a picture of our house, and we were instantly crushed. At least an inch had to of entered, and the water seemed to swallow our house yet again. We prayed for a simple fix this time, nothing above the baseboards and only the need for new carpets, and waited. Fairfield proved to be a city on a hill, and the next day we could go to HEB. We embraced that, once we found out how to. Once we could return to our side of town, I put myself to work. Many organizations had already filled their volunteer slots, but I had an in at a local church my friend attended. We created goodie bags of toiletries and helped regulate shower times.

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    Case in point, I was not to let myself sit by with others in need when so many had helped us the first time. That simply was not something I could do, and I noted that publicly as a passive ridicule to those who were. It is too often that others need help and though one has received it, they turn a blind eye in the name of inconvenience. So now, rain concerns me. Rain requires a plan, and I have run out of moves.

    Lauren, the littlest sister cried for months after tormented by the thought of being displaced again. I know we all feel the same way, but adults are not to cry at disasters. Adults are to pick up and move on. We are selling the house in six months, moving to the other side of I hope it brings us relief. I was stuck in a numbness. The air was clear for the first time in days and I felt you beckoning me to the peace of your new home.

    The Bright Blue Mailbox Suicide Note

    Our times together never truly feel sanctioned as the environment says it should be. I have an odd feeling that I am alone without you or I am with you and a million other people. I never considered until this moment that there are always other souls around us. Maria, for example, the mother you are buried next to. I do not doubt she has always accompanied our meetings.

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    I whisper that I miss you into the wind and almost as if you reply, it intensifies. I always thought of you to answer through the wind when I came to visit. Then I got to what I was truly there for. I apologize for the consistencies in my visits and the tone behind them, but when I come by you are sorely forced to listen to my ramblings about the life you decided to return. You have transcended to a wise voice in my mind.

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    One that delivers answers in the wind and comfort through the warmth of the sun. I again apologize if I am wrong in this, but it seems as though I will never know, and you are stuck listening to me until I am granted the release on my own. You make it feel better. Your influence has helped me avoid the stress in things, and enjoy the ride on its own. Sing through the stress I suppose, as things will find their way out of the maze they originated in.

    I believe that everything happens for a reason. That the pain that afflicts us is what makes us who we are. Though I must admit, I never did think that I would have to learn these lessons so early in life. When my cousin committed suicide, I never thought that I could feel such overwhelming pain. I grew up a carefree child, a child whose family was always there for them.

    I was very socially active as I played volleyball, sang in the choir and regularly spent time with friends and family, all of which provided a very stable childhood. Everything was rather serene until the day my mother told me the news.

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    Immediately after I fell silent. I had wholly disassociated myself from my body and mind. I felt completely numb as if my entire body were underwater. I never thought I would feel again. Time passed, and soon I was in tenth grade losing my sense of self. I needed a new identity, and I thought what better place than in the theatre.