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According to the IMB, the "underreporting of attacks from Nigeria continues to be a case for concern. In Southeast Asia, piracy has focused on the ransacking of cargo fishing products. While attacks in the South China Sea decreased in , the number of incidents off Indonesia rose for a second consecutive year, according to the IMB.

In September , Indonesia and Malaysia deployed two warships to the strait as part of a joint patrol targeting pirate attacks. The countries have also developed an "Eye in the Sky" operation with Singapore and Thailand, by which they jointly carry out air patrols above the strait. In late September , Indonesian police arrested four suspected pirates thought to be part of an organized crime network JakartaGlobe operating across the strait. Somalia is composed of a large number of clan groups, and the law is largely implemented at the local level.

For many of these groups, particularly those in the Puntland province, piracy provides an economic lifeline, and so local authorities, if not directly involved, are willing to look the other way and refrain from prosecuting pirates. He adds: "Pirates have reinvested their profits in coastal communities, so [the communities] have a vested interest in supporting piracy. In the south, however, Islamist al-Shabaab rebels have been waging a violent campaign to impose Sharia law and serve as a de-facto governing authority.

Al-Shabaab, which swore its allegiance to al-Qaeda in early and is categorized by the EU and United States as a terrorist organization, controls its territories with an iron fist, making it much harder for pirates to exploit the coastline as they do in Puntland. But some experts suggest a link between Somali pirates and al-Shabaab. Bruno Schiemsky, the former head of the UN Monitoring Group on Somalia, believes al-Shabaab and pirates are working together to advance a militant agenda. However, many experts say there is little hard evidence to substantiate such a link.

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Any relationship between al-Shabaab and the pirates is "purely opportunistic," says Murphy. Pirates, he says, are not working toward any ideological end, like the Islamists. For al-Shabaab, pirates are likely just to be "another source of finance," he adds. The international community has taken a number of steps to tackle piracy since Somali pirates emerged as a threat to international maritime security four years ago. In , the UN Security Council passed a series of measures targeting Somali piracy, culminating in the unanimous approval of U.

The group was tasked with "addressing military and operational coordination, capacity building, judicial issues, shipping self-awareness and public information related to piracy. The UK hosted an international conference on the future of Somalia Guardian in London in February , which focused on new international measures for combating and prosecuting piracy off the Somali coast. The steps included a joint Memorandum of Understanding between the British and Tanzanian governments allowing the British Royal Navy to transfer suspected Somali pirates to Tanzania for prosecution; an agreement that will see convicted pirates captured off the coast of Seychelles transferred to Somaliland for imprisonment; and the formation of an international task force on pirate ransoms.

The treaty, which came into effect in , is binding for nations and the European Union. The United States has yet to ratify the agreement. The Convention governs "all aspects of ocean space," including the "settlement of disputes relating to ocean matters. Vlasic for the Huffington Post. The Convention "provides the legal foundation to help combat piracy and prosecute piracy cases," he writes.

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Young Jack Black has two wishes. More than anything he wants to be a pilot like his friend Gadfly, who flies a bright yellow Berger He also wants to accompany his father on the maiden voyage of the greatest airship ever built, the Bellerophon. Although reluctant to grant Jack his second wish, Captain Black agrees on the condition that Jack obeys his orders without argument. Jack readily agrees, but soon fate intervenes.

Just as the navigator prepares to ascend to the top of Belle to take a reading with the only sextant aboard, one of the younger crew members needs assistance with a severe cut on his hand. Jack is told to wait, but a desire to see the clouds pulls him to ascend the ladder. After taking the coordinates of the airship, Jack descends, only to hear strange voices as the wind buffets Belle. Someone has disabled the rudder and planted a bomb on board. Jack must warn his father, but to do so he must crawl across the top of the airship and descend through another hatchway. As his pursuers close in, Jack tumbles over the side and falls.

Through an impossible miracle, the sails of a ship and a pile of soiled clothes cushion his landing. The ship swarms with pirates! When the rogues discover Jack, they force him to join the crew. Jack must find a way to escape the pirates and save his father, yet an indestructible battleship, a disabled plane, a volcano about to erupt, and the bomber challenge Jack at every turn. This story has the feel of the serials shown before the main feature at the movies years ago.

The author does a wonderful job showing how technological developments change the world. Jack finds himself caught between right and wrong and learns valuable lessons about friendship and love. Read an Excerpt. How to Build Pirate Ships. This is not your normal book and it can be addictive, especially if you like jigsaw puzzles. How to Build Pirate Ships is exactly what the title says. Using building cards already perforated and notched that come with this book, children and adults can follow the page-by-page instructions to create a pirate ship or use the cards to construct a design of their own from a Spanish galleon to an island fortress, or a mansion to a river barge.

Along the way builders learn to the parts of a ship and some scurvy pirate speak. When I tried this book which mysteriously appeared at my door one day , I opted to build the pirate ship in the instructions. First, I broke the cards into hangers, noses, skinnies, trapezoids, arcs, elbows, biggies, and squares.

The colorfully illustrated pieces have perforations that easily allowed me to break them apart with a snap. Using words and pictures, the instructions explain how to put the pieces together. The diagrams allow builders to see what pieces go where and how, as well as how the ship will look once the pieces are applied. You are shown what the vessel looks like once finished, but you can mix and match cards to create a patchwork ship rather than the one that is technically correct. I had only two problems while constructing my ship. On page 11, there is an error in the number of skinnies needed to complete step 8.

The picture shows the right number 3 , but the card picture says 4. On page 14, step 14 seems to include a skinny that has no purpose. Aside from this all the instructions were clear cut and assembly was simple.

These books are designed for ages 10 and older, so younger builders may need the help of an adult. I had a lot of fun building my pirate ship, which measures 15 inches tall, about 17 inches long, and 7 inches wide.

If I want to design another vessel, I can easily take the cards apart and begin again. The more cards you have, the bigger the ships and the greater the number of them that you can build. Great fun and an educational treasure, too!

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I recently heard from Doug Stillenger, and he has fixed the error on page The extra card on page 14 is no longer included in the artwork. Also, Melissa Bloomfield, a publicist at Scholastic Books, is the mysterious sender of this book. How to be a Pirate in 7 Days or Less. Ever want to be a pirate? At present he only has a first mate named Barnacle Bill and Poopdeck, the parrot.


This seven-day crash course in becoming a pirate will allow you to join him on his treasure-hunting expedition. Day 1: Any good pirate requires a name. The finishing touch to your costume will be to make a cutthroat cutlass. Once you have that, you need a map to show where you hide your plunder. Day 7: Once your crew assembles, there are games to play, treasure to find, and rules to bind y ou together as shipmates. The materials needed for the activities can usually be found at home or purchased from a store for little money.

Inside the front cover is a ruler for measuring and a cutlass and skulls and crossbones to trace.

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The inside back cover has a traceable alphabet. The book also has strings that allow you to tie it shut.

How to be a Pirate in 7 Days or Less is a fun and safe way to explore the world of pirates. The instructions are easy to understand, although younger children will require the aid of an adult for some activities. The book is geared toward ages 5 to 8. The illustrations invite readers to explore the pages and understand what the day will bring.

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Pirates who dare to venture within will find plenty of treasure! Real World of Pirates series.