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Some readers will choose to do this on some occasions, but many others will consult you only infrequently, if at all. Footnotes are on the same page as the text, but they are still relegated to a decidedly secondary position in relation to it, and readers consult or ignore the notes as they choose.

I have to say that, in the past, I found writing endnotes or footnotes quite a comfortable position. In Persuasion: An Annotated Edition , however, the situation is very different.

Persuasion: Annotated

I have found this very exciting. I have attempted to produce a commentary that is in immediate and active dialogue with her text, rather than in a relationship that is more distant and intermittent.

I hope this kind of sustained and expansive commentary enables readers to enjoy a more intimate relationship with Persuasion , and to move more seamlessly between text and annotation. I feel like a bit of a crusader. In terms of popularity and influence, there are other Austen novels that have received more attention than Persuasion.

Eighteenth-Century Fiction

But I really do consider it her finest work. It has an urgency, a range, and a relevance that seem to me to place it above her five other novels, as superb as they all are in different ways. I have tried to highlight this passion and this depth. She has been transformed, from faded to blooming, from nobody to somebody, and in this transformation Austen both signals a radical change from what she has written in the past, and throws searching light on the world that is to come.

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In particular, in Chapter One I have emended the text so that it is Mr. Elliot, and not Elizabeth Elliot, who is in mourning for Mrs. This passage has long vexed readers, who have wondered why Elizabeth would mourn the wife of a man she actively dislikes, and why she is the only member of her family to do so.

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It is Mr. Elliot who is dressed in black. This is the first time the passage has been printed as Austen intended it. Second, no previous edition of Persuasion has been so thoroughly annotated, and it is my hope that the edition contains information that will appeal to all readers of the novel, from those who are coming to it for the first time to those who have read it many times.

Like Like. These are a lovely editions too. I put it on my wish list already.

I loved the Pride and Prejudice edition. This looks gorgeous. Ah, it looks beautiful! I absolutely LOVE it!! And now, my 2nd favorite Jane Austen book is being done in the same format!!??! Harvard has plans to do all 6 books. I got my copy autographed today!

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She was interesting to listen to. We were all getting our pictures taken next to it. Ah, a near perfect Sunday! Oh my Karen. What an eventful gathering of Janeites. Thanks for sharing the great news that Harvard is doing all six novels.

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    Annotated editions for all SIX novels!!??!!! That is incredible news!!! Will definitely be watching out for the remainder — Thank You for telling us about it!