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Grading New York Teachers: When the Formulas Lie - The New York Times

A fascinating look at the greatest educators of all time including Rousseau, Newman, Montessori and Freire. The Greatest Educators Ever brings together the most influential and interesting educators of all time. With entries ranging from Plato to Jesus, and Froebel to Freire, This book provides a fascinating overview of the development of educational thought through the ages. Frank Flanagan writes engagingly and accessibly, considering each educator's unique contribution and placing it in a historical and intellectual context.

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A fascinating read for educators and students alike. Now if all these elements could be packaged into a new technology — a new learning model then I would hold my hands up now and concede the debate.

It can't. And that is the essence of my argument. Good teachers inspire our young people to be lifelong learners, creating a culture of independent enquiry with their enthusiasm and passion.

Evaluating New York Teachers, Perhaps the Numbers Do Lie

I know this because I see it every day. Good teachers have the skills to know exactly how to get the best out of each and every young person in their care:.

The One Thing All Great Teachers Do - Nick Fuhrman - TEDxUGA

No 'new models of learning' can ever compromise or threaten the essence of what a teacher is, always has been and always will be. Teachers want the best for their young people and use new technologies in their lessons. But the delivery of this new technology and learning models is just as important — if not more important than the technology itself. I know it is. That said, technology can only do so much.

Your Curriculum Companion Published

It can be transient and can become obsolete very quickly. What is a constant though, is the teacher in the classroom who across the world at this very moment and tomorrow morning will be putting the needs of their young people first, finding the best fit to ensure that everyone achieves more than they ever dreamed possible.

Transcript from the 'Is teaching obsolete? The video of the speech and the whole debate is available here. I am a passionate believer in the teaching profession.

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Teachers don't simply teach concepts and skills. Any new technology can do that. A new K-5 edition is released in collaboration with Open Up Resources.

A more diverse teacher workforce is crucial for all students

The curriculum is now used in 39 states and the District of Columbia. Denver Public School District chooses EL as a partner to provide the curriculum for grades 4 through 8 in More than two dozen teachers contributed to the book, which includes case studies and classroom videos of the practices in action. President Barack Obama as Teachers of the Year. EL Education expands beyond its school network to offer professional development to school districts nationally, focusing on literacy and assessment.

In a statistically significant study, Mathematica Policy Research finds that EL middle school students gain an additional ten months of learning growth in math and seven months in reading after three years. In collaboration with Harvard University , EL Education launches the Center for Student Work now known as Models of Excellence , the world's largest online, open-source collection of exemplary student work.

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