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We stopped fighting too soon. Domestic violence continues to kill — and not just the victims. The shooter had a long history of domestic violence, an active protective order against him, and three open warrants, including for assault. A man barred from owning firearms shot two officers in Westerville OH with a gun purchased by a friend, Epic, heroic, historic Arthurian fantasies. Martin with healthy relationships and without the incest and rape.

In other words, not YA. I prefer to be realistic about all aspects of relationships in the books Posted by vjlink on 5: Okay, to be honest, I never considered myself to be an audio person, although I know a lot of people who use audiobooks for traveling to and from work or on vacation.

I had my reservations about doing that more on that later but as with many authors I love my readers, so, as with print and e-books, I wanted to give those who liked audio the chance to hear my books. So, a few years back I took the leap into audiobooks. I was excited, but I had trepidations.

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  • Arrival: UnFolding 1 (Prequel) (UnFolding Series).

Once before I dallied with the idea of doing audiobooks, starting with one of the novellas in The Coming Storm series — Setting Boundaries — a prequel to the series. I had wanted to have the whole series on audio with the Posted by vjlink on 8: That is the question. Does it portray your genre? Words: 2, Published: October 28, by Valerie Douglas.

The Offering Museum will take you on a short, intense journey into the twilight zone. Cherry's Jubilee by V. Words: 44, Published: February 6, by Valerie Douglas. What if you had a chance to make your wildest sexual fantasies come true for one memorable weekend? Would you take it? He challenges the best chef's of the city to create an unforgettable dinner. Thanks to Cherry, her friend Patrick is one of those competing. He creates a truly decadent dessert, with Cherry's help.

Words: 21, Published: December 16, by Valerie Douglas.

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When Mikaela dreams of finding Travis Donovan unconscious by his cottage she doesn't dare imagine she'll dream of him again Magic Bound by V. Devereaux Series: Bound Books , Book 2. Words: 48, Published: June 6, by Valerie Douglas. Homicide Detectives Sasha Gutierrez and Rafaela Rafi Stratford Blood Bound are investigating a series of murders that appear to have been committed by paranormals.

Desperate for clues they turn to Rhian Lewis, the proprietor of an occult bookstore. What she discovers turns them all into targets Blood Bound by V. Devereaux Series: Bound Books , Book 1. Words: 52, Published: May 18, by Valerie Douglas. Julian Luceanu is rich, powerful Nor is he alone in that, there's his cousin to consider. He, they, wanted something more, much more. It would take a special woman, if they could find her.

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Internet dating seemed a little far-fetched, but nothing else had worked. But Julian had a secret that would put all their lives at risk. Demon's Kiss by V. Devereaux Series: Book of Demons. Words: 40, Published: August 12, by Valerie Douglas.

Spotlighted in the center of that room is the most magnificent specimen of masculine beauty Angel has ever seen. He's absolutely gorgeous. Yet everything she's been taught tells her that he can't be what he seems to be. A demon.

Demons don't exist. Their only chance of escape lies with each other Demon's Embrace by V. Words: 73, I was on edge of seat a few times other times I was reading fantastic written love scenes, very intense and descriptive! One person found this helpful. A hot steamy sexy romance with some suspense! Having said that, this is definately an adult read.

The story was well written, kept you turning the page to see what happened next.

Personally I think the sex scenes could have left a little more to the imagination but others may like the way its done. Valerie does a great job of describing what its like to be on a motorcycle thus I'd like to see it be even more involved in a sequel. They must keep their affair secret from their fellow gladiators, and fight for the champions of Rome.

Garey is also the author of Devil Without a Cause, the first volume in this series. These bargains were found at Amazon US and prices were valid at time of posting.

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This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. We stopped fighting too soon.