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Today I'm excited to introduce you to Lynn Chandler-Willis. Before I dive in to specifics, I want you to get to know Lynn. She's a welcome addition to the PBG family, and I'm delighted to have her join us at the blog!! Lynn Chandler-Willis has worked in the corporate world hated it! She keeps coming back to fiction because she likes making stuff up and you just can't do that in the newspaper or television news business. She was born, raised, and continues to live in the heart of North Carolina within walking distance to her kids and their spouses and her nine grandchildren.

She shares her home, and heart, with Sam the cocker spaniel. She is the author of the best-selling true crime book, Unholy Covenant. The Rising is her debut novel. OK, Lynn, straight away, I have to tell you, we're sisters of a sort. Loved the energy and humming vibe of being in a newsroom - hated the weird hours when trying to raise a family, so I changed career paths. It's an amazing concept blurb and excerpt follows!

The idea for The Rising came to me, in all places, at the grocery store. And I mean it hit me like the proverbial brick. What if Can they still deny God? When there is no other explanation, can they still question God's existence? And taking it one step further, how can you question a miracle when its shared by an innocent child? They know no better. I started working the idea from that point, knowing I wanted a main character to be broken and vulnerable, but too stubborn to admit it.

Amazing inspiration, Lynn.

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I love those moments of God-speak! A little boy, beaten and left to die in an alley.

A cop with a personal life out of control. When their worlds collide, God intervenes. Detective Ellie Saunders's homicide investigation takes a dramatic turn when a young victim "wakes up" in the morgue. The child has no memory prior to his "rising" except walking with his father along a shiny road. Ellie likes dealing with facts.

She'd rather leave all the God-talk to her father, a retired minister, and to her partner, Jesse, a former vice cop with an annoying habit of inserting himself into her life. But will the facts she follows puts Ellie's life in mortal danger? And will she finally allow God into her heart forever?

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A waitress slammed a sandwich down in front of Ellie, and Jesse helped himself to a homemade chip. She huffed. Ellie pulled a piece of bacon from her sandwich and chewed on one end. Jesse snatched another chip and shook his head. What was with all the we stuff? The case was complicated enough. The last thing she needed was Jesse involved.

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Posted by Marianne Evans at PM 9 comments:. Monday, June 24, Meet Donna B. Donna B. Snow is a fellow author at Pelican Book Group who truly shines a light within our family of scribes.


She's a delight, so is it any wonder her latest release, A Piece of Heaven, has captured my heart? This was it, the start of her dream. She took a deep breath and pulled the door open.

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She tugged at her gypsy skirt, smoothed a hand along the soft cotton, and then wrapped the other hand around her leather shoulder bag. Heart pounding, she stepped inside. Classy, but understated. The reception area was a contrast of styles: elegant, not ostentatious; a bit eclectic, but well blended.

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She eased her grip as she absorbed the warm atmosphere the company had created. Framed prints hung on the walls, one by M. She recognized her favorite—Convex and Concave. Intermixed with them were pictures of construction sites, some works in progress, some after completion. All Dared sites. All wonderful pieces of architecture that added to the environment they were in.

F rom cottage style, to country, to contemporary with a Mediterranean flair—color and texture and style surrounded her. Oh yeah, they could help her create the atmosphere she wanted in A Piece of Heaven, turn her dream into something real.

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  • Still, would they be able to get her vision from her simple drawings? Jared is a former believer, helping Trina design and construct a coffee shop where she will also headline as a singer. Trina is just what Jared needs—compassionate and caring, thoughtful and tender—but is he ready for a relationship with her? Is he ready to even attempt reconciliation with God? Snow uses strong emotion and lovely setting details to draw you in and keep you turning the pages until you find out.

    Posted by Marianne Evans at AM 14 comments:. Snow , Pelican Book Group. It's comfort, and comfort food, that's as familiar to us as a sunrise, and we've even gotten to know a number of the waitresses. I love this place, and it became the inspiration for my Sal's Place Series. Sal Cocossa hard at work cooking behind the flat top grill?

    Luke and Callie West having dinner together?

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    • All you have to do is leave a comment, talking about your favorite spot to savor down-home comfort food and casual atmosphere. I can't wait to hear from you! Don't worry about reading the series in order, or being lost if you haven't read them all - these are stand-alone romances full of faith, hope, and love. Giveaway winners will be announced next Saturday right here at the blog, so be sure to check back! Political dynamo Matt Bellinger understands he has an unyielding responsibility to work hard for the betterment of his community and the world around him.